About Us

Technosol Enterprises is an ever expanding and highly-skilled trading company in the field of Industrial & T&D products. Technosol  has become the undisputed leader in the market having the widened basket of products serving all market segments, may it be Industry, Building, Govt or Utility. The company offers clients a unique value proposition to address their transformation and innovation needs.

For more than 3 years, the company has shared its experience in the Power Generation,Transformaton and Distribution with our products & solutions, which help customers to run the electrical Utilities & Industries in a better & innovative way. We have exexuted the job's with complete satisfaction all across Central Region covering MP, CG, Vidarbh and Telangana under continuous leadership of our Director Mr.Ankit Gupta , who is Ex-servicemen of Schnieder, ABB & CG & under guidance of Mr. Shrikant Nomjosji, who was heading the top marketing position in Kirloskar.

We have generated revenues of 5 Crore in the year 2019-20 since our inception in 2016. Technosol is further emerging as a solution provider to various Industries and Utilities through resourcefulness and innovation. With the team of 9 people, we are gowing at a progressive speed covering the pain points of the clients. Our team is aligned to support our customer's on their stringent techno-commercial backgroud.

We are committed to our clients & employees and this has been the basis of our achievements and durable growth. 




What Technosol Offer's you ? 

Technosol, as its name derived is focused to provide technical solutions with value proposition to customers whether in the field of supply, service or EPC. Technosol Enterprises offer's you the products & solutions with a clear-cut approach & believes the way of consulting i.e. design, supply to installation and testing. We provide the electrical contracting services, as well as ultimate range of products and maintenance services right from Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage using the latest & modern technology, to offer you a safe and reliable electrical supply with minimal disruption.