Looking towards increasing power demand in India, we do supply the Power & Distribution transformers as per the customer demands. We have high quality transformers for Industries & for Govt. requirements. With the aggressive support from CG, Voltamp & Toshiba, we are continuously supplying the transformers to all segments.

We have both type of transformers in our supply ranges & can supply Oil type transformer & Dry type Transformers as per the customer requirements. With latest relevant IS, we can supply transformers as per IS:1180 Level 2 & Level 3. In addition to the same, we can also supply special duty transformers required for special applications such as Converter duty & Inverter duty applications.

Ratings: -

Distribution Trafo.: - 11kV/433V, 200kVA to 33kV/ 433V, 5MVA

Power Trafo.: - 33kV/11kV, 3.15MVA to 132kV/33kV, 80MVA.